Lee Summers


Mapping & Modelling The Outer Galaxy's Spiral Structure in CO and HI

Chris Brunt


Not all interesting things happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Our own Galaxy is still not fully understood through neither observations nor models. Some questions which continue to be important are: How many spiral arms does our Galaxy have? Where are they? How does material behave whilst travelling through the Galaxy and spiral arms? Using observations of the J(1−0) transition of CO from the Exeter-FCRAO Galactic Plane Survey and 21cm HI observations from the Canadian and VLA Galactic Plane surveys, of the first and second Galactic quadrants of the Milky Way − I present a model of spiral structure and spatially convolved position-position-velocity maps of the spiral arm regions to present an extra-Galactic style view of the Milky Way with analysis of the cloud complexes therein.