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Filaments in Orion: A first look of the Integral Shaped Filament with Herschel

Eugenio Schisano, Davide Elia, Stefano Pezzuto, Michele Pestalozzi, Kazi Rygl, Gemma Busquet, Anna Maria Di Giorgio, Sergio Molinari


We present here the first maps of the Integral Shaped Filament in Orion A Molecular Cloud as mapped by the Herschel guaranteed time key program Gould Belt. The two tiles, mapped in parallel mode (PACS/SPIRE), are located just below the L1641N star-forming region in the southern most regions of the Integral Shaped Filament. In this first study of the region we focus on the abundant filamentary structure apparent in the tiles. We have detected over 400 compact sources and derived their temperature distribution and the Core Mass Function (M≈0.1−10 M). We find that the spatial distribution of the identified sources follows closely the pattern of the filaments, strengthening arguments where filaments are the preferred location of star formation in molecular clouds. We have identified such filaments in the maps and derived their physical properties (i.e. column densities etc.). We will discuss here the relation between the physical properties of the sources and their parent filament.