Milena Benedettini


Herschel and Mopra maps of the Lupus molecular clouds


We present maps of the Lupus 1, 3 and 4 molecular clouds carried out with Herschel at 70, 160, 250, 350 and 500 micron and with Mopra in molecular specie tracing dense gas. In the Herschel maps we identified the dense and cold cores and their evolutionary stage was derived on the base of their spectral energy distribution. The dense cores were also studied in the line maps of N2H+(1−0), NH3(1,1) and HC3N(10−9). Lupus 1 is the cloud richest in millimetre cores while Lupus 4 is the poorest. The star formation rate and dense cores population of the 3 Lupus subgroups will be discussed. Comparing the far-infrared and millimetre cores population with the population of the more evolved young stellar objects identified by Spitzer, we conclude that in Lupus 3 the bulk of the star formation activity has already passed and only a few stars are still forming. On the contrary, in Lupus 1 star formation is on-going and several dense cores are still in the pre-/proto-stellar phase. Lupus 4 is at an intermediate stage.