Session3, Poster #33B

Bolocam observations of Archeops detected cold clumps

Veli-Matti Pelkonen (University of Helsinki, IPAC, Caltech),

Paladini, R., McGehee, P.

We present Bolocam 1.1mm continuum observations of LDN 988 and the Cocoon Nebula (IC5146), both previously observed by the Archeops experiment. The Cocoon Nebula has also been observed as part of the Science Demonstration Phase of Herschel, and we are able to use these public data to construct SEDs for the clumps detected in the Bolocam map and derive dust temperature (TD) and the spectral emissivity index \kappa. In the case of LDN 988, we will use the TD and \beta values provided in the Archeops Catalog (Desert et al. 2008). We will use the Bolocam 1.1mm data to distinguish clumps within the Archeops detections, and calculate their masses. The NICER method (Lombardi & Alves, 2001) will be applied to 2MASS stars to derive the average column density of the environs of these clumps, and look for a column density threshold for clump formation.