Session 4, Poster #57A

Planck early results XXII: The submillimeter properties of a sample of Galactic cold clumps
Isabelle Ristorcelli (CESR)
Planck has observed the entire sky from 30 to 857GHz, allowing the detections of more than ten thousands cold clumps (T < 14K) in the Galaxy. We present a detailed investigation of a sub-sample of ten sources from the Planck Cold Clump Catalogue (C3PO), selected in different environments, from high latitude cirrus to nearby (150pc) and remote (2kpc) molecular complexes. The nature of these sources is studied using dust and molecular follow-up observations with Herschel, Akari and ground-based telescopes. The analysis shows that this small set of cold clumps already probes a broad variety of structures, probably associated with different evolutionary stages, from cold (down to 7K) and starless clumps to young protostellar objects still embedded in their cold surrounding cloud.