Session 4, Poster #79A

Evidence for the growth of the Taurus B211 filament from Herschel observations

Pedro Palmeirim  (Laboratoire AIM, CEA/DSM–CNRS–Universite ́ Paris Diderot, IRFU/Service d’Astrophysique)

Ph. André, D. Arzoumanian, P. Didelon, N. Peretto, V. Konyves, A. Men’shchikov, J. Kirk, D. Ward-Thompson

and the Herschel Gould Belt and SPIRE/SAG3 consortium


Progressive evidence is emerging in the sense that molecular clouds tend to form filamentary structures.In order to improve our understanding on how they are originated and how they evolve, we present the Herschel discovery of organized filamentary strands that surround the B211 filament in the Taurus molecular cloud.

We made use of the Herschel’s far-infrared maps (70, 160, 250, 350 500 microns) to produce a column density with a resolution of 18’’, with which we were able to characterize and study their proprieties. We use polarization observations of background stars to analyze the relation of the filaments with the local magnetic field. Finally we study the density and temperature structure of the B211 filament and use the derived column density map to estimate the gravitational potential.

Our results show evidences that the B211 filament is accreting material from the surroundings and contracting towards it’s axis.