Marcella Veneziani


Estimate of the Star Formation Rate in the Milky Way


R. Paladini, D. Elia, S. Molinari, A. Noriega-Crespo, E.Schisano, M. Pestalozzi, F. Piacentini



The Star Formation Rate in the Milky Way is not well known and very difficult to determine mainly because of uncertainties on solar distances of the known star formation complexes (i.e. Young Stellar Objects and HII regions). In this work, we study the Galactic SFR using a well-known sample of sources located in the inner part of the Galaxy covered by the first Hi-Gal/Herschel survey.

We make use of the MIPSGAL/GLIMPSE catalog to estimate the 24 micron flux of the HiGAL sources and build the full SEDs in the range 500-24 micron. By studying the SEDs we select a sub-sample of sources interested in star formation processes and estimate the star formation rate in that regions. We then extrapolate the value obtained to the whole Galaxy by modelling the Milky Way arms where star formation occurs. We also compare the different SFR values as a function of the distance form the Galactic Center.