Yiannis Tsamis


Chemical abundances in Orion and M8 protoplanetary disks and jets

J.R. Walsh, D. Pequignot, R.H. Rubin, J.M. Vilchez


Protoplanetary disks embedded in HII regions are landmark objects in the study of how circumstellar disks and eventually planetary systems form and evolve in the vicinity of massive stars. Analysis of their emission line spectra opens a window into their unknown chemical composition. We will present new results of our VLT/HST spectro-imaging programme of proplyds in the Orion Nebula which provides a first census of proplyd metallicities (Tsamis et al. 2011; Tsamis & Walsh 2011; Tsamis et al. to be submitted). Integral field spectroscopy with the VLT FLAMES/Argus and VLT/X-shooter instruments in the optical to near-IR range of a sample of Orion targets plus the single known proplyd in M8 will be discussed. A physical analysis of the fast microjets encountered in our sample targets will also be presented.