Jochen Tackenberg


Massive Starless Clumps in ATLASGAL

H. Beuther, Th. Henning, F. Schuller & ATLASGAL Team


On the basis of the submm Galactic plane survey ATLASGAL, we did an unbiased search for starless clumps on 20 square degrees of the galactic plane. Using the GLIMPSE mid-infrared and MIPSGAL 24 μm surveys we carefully checked the clumps for MIR tracers of ongoing star formation.

We identified 233 starless clumps with high column densities, situated both on the far and the near side of the galaxy. Drawn from the near population, still 14 clumps are more massive than 1000 M.

From these, we estimate the life time of massive starless clumps to be ~50000 years.