Amelia Stutz


The physics and chemistry of low-mass cores


Launhardt, Lippok, Schmalzl, Krause, Balog, Beuther, Henning, Kainulainen, Linz, Nielbock, Ragan, Schmiedeke



Despite the relative simplicity of isolated low-mass cores, we still lack robust measurements of two fundamental physical parameters: temperature and density. These two parameters regulate the chemical and dynamical evolution and the subsequent gravitational collapse and fragmentation. The data from our Herschel program “EPOS” allow us to directly measure the temperature and density structure in a sample of 14 isolated star-forming cores. In order to measure gas-grain coupling processes and the role of turbulence and magnetic support, we have acquired a set of complementary molecular line maps of different CO isotopes and N2H+. Here we present a first observational comparison of the Herschel temperature maps with molecular line observations for our sources, in order to characterize the regions of depletion, freeze-out, and chemical differentiation in our sources.