Loredana Prisinzano


Star formation in the outer Galaxy: NGC1893

G. Micela, J. Sanz Forcada, M. Caramazza, S. Sciortino, J.Stauffer, L. Testi, S. Wolk, F. Favata


We present the results obtained from the multi-wavelength campaign on the young cluster NGC 1893 (~2 Myr) located in the outer part of the Galaxy (about 12 kpc from the Galactic Center) where less favorable activities of star formation are expected due to different environmental conditions. Our study is based on a photometric catalog extending from X-rays to near-infrared data from which we derived membership, cluster parameters, disc frequency and spatial distribution. We find that NGC 1893 contains a conspicuous population of pre-main sequence stars and shows characteristics similar to other star-forming regions at closer distances to the Sun. The ionizing UV flux from massive stars plays an important role in the earlier dissipation of circumstellar discs in closer stars.