The first Planck all-sky survey of Galactic Cold Clumps.

I. Ristorcelli, M. Juvela, D. Marshall, G. Marton, S. Zahorecz, V. Toth, V.-M. Pelkonen, R. Paladini, P. Mc Gehee and the Planck Collaboration


Using a combination of Planck and IRAS 100 μm data, we have searched for emission from cold insterstellar clouds with T < 14 K. From these searches we have created two catalogues: the more inclusive and larger Cold Clump Catalogue of Planck Objects (C3PO) with 10,342 objects over the whole sky and a subset of C3PO containing the most secure detections, the Early Cold Core Catalog (ECC) with 915 objects. The ECC is a component of the Early Release Compact Source Catalogue, product of the Planck Consortium.

We provide an overview of the statistics of those two catalogues, in terms of physical properties and spatial distribution. We present a first look at their nature, ranging from cold cores to giant molecular clouds, and we show a detailed comparison with the IRDC population. The C3PO gives an unprecedented statistical view of the properties of these potential pre-stellar clumps and offers the possibility of their classification based on their intrinsic properties and environment. It has already provided an invaluable basis of cold objects for follow-up, including Herschel or Spitzer.