Ylenia Maruccia


Analysis of the Spitzer/MIPSGAL 24 μm data in the l=30° region.


B.M.T. Maiolo, F. Strafella, D. Elia



Here we present the procedure adopted for deriving a photometric catalogue of a MIPSGAL map and the results in the l=30° field. With the advent of recent Herschel observations, the  Spitzer  24 μm data turned out to be crucial to ascertain the protostellar/starless nature of the FIR Herschel compact sources. In particular the MIPSGAL and the Hi-GAL surveys observe the same sky area and cover complementary spectral ranges. Therefore it is fundamental to obtain robust and reliable catalogues of MIPSGAL fluxes to extend the spectral energy distribution of Hi-GAL compact sources and better constrain their models. The detection and extraction of point sources has been performed by using the APEX code across the whole field. Because the bright objects may show a “ring” of ghost sources, we developed an algorithm to detect and remove these artifacts. Finally, examples of SEDs obtained by MIPSGAL+Hi-GAL, also complemented with Akari and Bolocam fluxes, are presented and discussed.