Gabor Marton


Footprints of triggered large-scale star formation

I. Ristorcelli, L. V. Toth, L. Montier


Studies of the large-scale distribution of the Planck C3PO (Cold Clumps Catalogue of Planck Objects) pointed out that the surface density of the compact, cold substructures shows a remarkable excess with respect to the known large-scale structures of the ISM − like shells and loops (Planck Collaboration, 2011). A subsample of the C3PO sources are targets for detailed study with Herschel follow-up (PACS & SPIRE), including objects that are on the above mentioned structures, or located inside them. I will present results on the analysis of the physical properties of some cold clumps located in different positions/environments, in the context of the large-scale triggering in the Galaxy