Berlinda Maiolo


Characterizing the Hi-GAL Field l30: the Clump Mass Function


Maruccia, F. Strafella, D. Elia


The Hi-GAL Field l30 has been examined at the 5 wavelengths of the survey. Point source search and photometry has been conducted by using the DAOPHOT package, while compact/extended  sources have been searched and characterized with the SExtractor procedure. We discuss the resulting catalog containing all the sources detected  by Herschel in at least 2 bands, complementing it with additional data from the Spitzer-MIPSGAL survey, the AKARI catalogues, and the MSX experiment.  We analyzed the MIPSGAL images with both MOPEX/APEX and DAOPHOT packages and the differences obtained with the two approaches are  briefly discussed. Considering compact/extended sources we estimated the mass in those cases for which a distance has been provided by the Hi-GAL Distance Estimates Working Group. To this aim, after determining the dust temperature, we exploited the SExtractor geometric characterization of the sources to obtain the clump mass spectrum. Finally the limits of our procedure a! re discussed.