Vera Konyves


The Aquila prestellar core population revealed by Herschel

Ph. Andre, A. Men'shchikov, N. Schneider, D. Arzoumanian, S. Bontemps, M. Attard, F. Motte, P. Didelon, A. Maury, and the SPIRE SAG3 consortium


The origin and possible universality of the stellar initial mass function (IMF) is a major issue in astrophysics.

One of the main objectives of the Herschel Gould belt survey (Andre et al. 2010) is to clarify the link between the prestellar core mass function (CMF) and the IMF. We present and discuss the core mass function derived from Herschel data for the large opulation of prestellar cores discovered with SPIRE and PACS in the Aquila Rift cloud complex at d ~ 260 pc.

We detect hundreds of starless cores in the entire ~ 11 deg2 area of the field imaged at 70−500 micron with the SPIRE/PACS cameras. Most of these cores appear to be gravitationally bound, and thus prestellar in nature. Our Herschel results confirm that the shape of the prestellar CMF resembles the stellar IMF, with much higher quality statistics than earlier submillimeter continuum ground-based surveys (Konyves et al. 2010).

Details of the data analysis will also be discussed, as well as, this research will be put in context with other Herschel Gould Belt survey results.