Xavier Koenig


A WISE survey of Galactic Massive Star Forming Regions: Triggered Star Formation may be ubiquitous

David Leisawitz, Dominic Benford, Luisa Rebull, Deborah Padgett


We present results of a survey of outer Galaxy massive star forming regions with data from the WISE telescope all sky survey. The combination of 2MASS and WISE will soon provide all sky coverage to the entire astronomical community from 1 to 22 microns. We use these data to construct a scheme for extracting and classifying young stars and removing contaminating sources. When applied to the massive star forming regions we have studied we are able to produce an averaged distribution of the newly formed stars. We argue that the repeated pattern of an initial, central, massive star forming event followed by a shell of secondary star formation provides evidence that triggered star formation operates ubiquitously in such regions. The WISE all sky survey has immense potential for future studies of global Galactic star formation, especially when combined with existing and upcoming missions.