Miju Kang


Submillimeter observations of the star formation activities in the IRDC G049.40-00.01


Minho Choi, John H. Bieging, Jeonghee Rho, Jeong-Eun Lee, and Chao-Wei Tsai


Infrared dark clouds (IRDCs) are believed to be the progenitors of massive stars and clusters. IRDC G049.40-00.01 was mapped at 350 and 850 micron continuum using SHARC-II on CSO. Twenty-one dense cores were identified within G049.40-00.01 based on the 350 micron continuum map. The masses of cores are from 50 to 600 solar mass. About 70% of the cores are associated with 24 micron emission sources indicating protostars. The most massive two cores show enhanced, extended 4.5 micron emission representing active star forming activity. The core size-mass relation suggests that some of them are forming massive stars. G049.40-00.01 harbors numerous objects in various evolutionary stages of star formation