Forbrich Jan


Dust to Dust: A High Spatial Resolution Comparison of Dust Absorption and Emission in the Pipe Nebula

Charlie Lada, Arnaud Belloche, Carlos Roman, and Joao Alves


Dust emission and dust extinction techniques are offering different views on the dense core mass spectrum, suggesting different interpretations on the initial conditions of star formation. To understand these differences, we have carried out a submillimeter continuum survey in the Pipe Nebula, using the Laboca bolometer array at the Atacama Pathfinder Experiment telescope. The result is a set of high-resolution dust emission maps of dense prestellar cores, all belonging to the same cloud. We have combined these with 1) matching dust extinction maps based on sensitive ESO-VLT near-infrared observations and 2) archival submillimeter data taken with other instruments in order to directly study the differences of dust emission and extinction techniques. These techniques are complementary, each having its own limitations (e.g., in the sensitivity to spatial scales of various sizes). We find very interesting variations in the temperature and dust emissivity properties across the cloud.