Annie Hughes


The Radio-IR Correlation with the Large Magellanic Cloud

Fatemeh Tabatabaei & the HERITAGE team


Resolved studies of nearby galaxies with Spitzer have provided important insights into the relationship between the radio continuum (RC) and far-infrared (FIR) emission within galactic discs, yet the origin of the tight correlation between the integrated RC and FIR luminosities of galaxies remains imperfectly understood. In this contribution, I will present the results of our analysis of the correlation between dust, neutral gas and the thermal and non-thermal components of the RC emission in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC). In quiescent regions where the star-formation activity is low relative to the supply of dense gas, we find that the non-thermal RC emission is tightly correlated with the gas and dust emission, even on small spatial scales (~100 pc). Coupling between the magnetic field and gas density can account for the flat slope of the local RC-FIR correlation that is observed for these regions, which make a significant contribution to the LMC's total RC and FIR luminosity. Our results are inconsistent with a simple calorimeter model for the origin of the global RC-FIR correlation.