Howard Smith


The Cygnus-X Legacy Project


J. L. Hora, S. Bontemps, T. Megeath, N. Schneider , F. Motte, S. Carey, R. Simon, E. Keto, L. Allen, R. Gutermuth, G. Fazio, K. Kraemer, D. Mizuno, S. Price, J. Adams, and X. Koenig



The Cygnus-X Legacy Project is a Spitzer unbiased survey of 24 sq degrees in Cygnus-X with sensitivity able detect stars to a limit of 0.5 M . The Cygnus-X region contains a massive star formation complex with the richest known concentration of massive protostars and the largest OB associations in the nearest 2 kpc. It contains as many as 800 distinct HII regions, a number of Wolf-Rayet and O3 stars and several OB associations, including Cyg OB2, Cyg OB1, and Cyg OB9. With a total mass of ~3E6 Mo (Schneider et al. 2006), Cygnus-X has three times the combined mass of the molecular clouds within 500 pc of the Sun, in a region 1/5 the diameter.

With this survey we:

analyze the evolution of high mass protostars with a large andstatistically robust sample at a single distance;

study the role of clustering in high mass star formation;

study low mass star formation in a massive molecular cloud complex dominated by the energetics of ~100 O-stars;

assess what fraction of all young low mass stars in the nearest 2 kpc are forming in this one massive complex; and,

provide an unbiased survey of the region and produce a legacy data set which can be used in conjunction with Herschel studies.

In this poster we summarize the products in the full data delivery, the statistics of the sources in the sample, the results of our study of evolved stars in the region, and the first results on our study of the IRDCs in region.