Alessio Caratti o Garatti


POISSON project: a spectroscopic and photometric survey of young protostars in the Galaxy.

R. Garcia Lopez , S. Antoniucci , B. Nisini, T. Giannini


We present the results of the POISSON (Protostellar Objects IR-optical Spectral Survey On NTT) project, an optical/NIR spectroscopic and photometric survey of Spitzer selected Class I and Class II young stellar objects (YSOs) located in six star forming regions: Cha I, Cha II, Orion-L1641, Vela-D, Lupus, and Serpens.

This research aims at obtaining information on the accretion and ejection properties of YSOs formed in different environments, and at studying how these quantities evolve with time and differ from cloud to cloud.

In this contribution, we will focus on the Cha I, II, and L1641 regions, characterising the observed YSOs, deriving their age, accretion luminosities, and mass accretion rates. In particular, we will analyse the observed correlations among various YSO parameters: stellar and accretion luminosity, mass accretion rate, mass, and age.