Benjamin Gaczkowski


Herschel Detection of 300 Protostars in the Carina Nebula Complex: Evidence for triggered star formation

Preibisch, Thomas; Ratzka, Thorsten


The Carina Nebula contains dozens of young high-mass stars that strongly irradiate the surrounding molecular clouds and have created numerous pillars that may be the sites of triggered star formation. Our Herschel data of the Carina Nebula Complex provide, for the first time, spatially complete far-infrared maps of the entire region that are sensitive enough to detect the full population of the youngest and most deeply embedded protostars (that are yet invisible in the mid-infrared). We detect about 300 protostars for which we derived fluxes in at least two bands. The large number of extremely young objects shows that the about 10 previously known protostars represent just the "tip of the iceberg". Almost all protostars are located at the surfaces of irradiated clouds and pillars. This characteristic spatial configuration provides strong direct support to the picture that the formation of this latest stellar generation was triggered by the advancing ionization fronts.