Davide Elia


Characterizing the structure of diffuse emission in Hi-GAL maps


A. Traficante, F. Strafella, Y. Maruccia, R. Vavrek, A. Noriega-Crespo, R. Paladini, J. Ingalls, P. Natoli, E. Schisano



Statistical descriptors of fractal properties of the interstellar medium (ISM) maps provide quantitative parameters useful to describe the cloud structure. The Hi-GAL survey constitutes an unique database for applying these tools to the diffuse emission in the Galactic plane. The high resolution and the large pixel number of the Hi-GAL maps allow a more reliable statistics compared to past studies, giving us the chance of investigating a wide range of angular scales. The availability of five photometric bands from 70 to 500 micron makes it possible to probe

different physical conditions of the ISM. Here we discuss preliminary results of the Delta-Variance technique applied on three Hi-GAL 2x2 square degrees fields. The issue of the component confusion along the line of sight is also addressed exploiting results of decomposing the Hi-GAL emission in different Galactocentric bins and gas phases (atomic, molecular and ionized hydrogen), taking advantage of the gas kinematics information.