Mapping the Galactic Plane with HARP

Jessica Dempsey (Joint Astronomy Centre)

Thomas, H.S., Chrysostomou, A.C., Plume, R. and Moore, T.


We present new high resolution CO(3−2) images of the Galactic Plane. Taken with HARP on the JCMT, these images cover the area −0.5<b<0.5 and 10<l<50 at a resolution of 14". It is expected that these data will complement upcoming surveys such as HiGal with Herschel and the JCMT Galactic Plane Survey with SCUBA-2.

The high resolution of the data compared with previous surveys allows for detailed analysis of the morphology and velocity structure of the spiral arms in the northern inner Galactic Plane and also for a statistical analysis of the properties and conditions of the ISM.