Nick Cox


Compact Sources and Filamentary Structures in the Chamaeleon Star Formation Region - A Multi-Wavelength Survey with Herschel PACS and SPIRE.

E. Winston, A. Ribas, L. Spezzi, P. Royer, B. Merin, R. Vavrek, A. Men'shchikov, T. Prusti, Ch. Waelkens, Ph. André and the Herschel Gould Belt survey consortium.


The Herschel Gould Belt survey is focused at unraveling the earliest phases of star formation. In addition, one of the main goals is to survey the - surprisingly complex and beautiful - structures of nearby molecular clouds in great detail at various stages of their evolution. In this contribution we present our first results from PACS and SPIRE far-infrared -- 70 to 500 μm -- observations of the Chamaeleon Star Forming region.

We highlight results on several aspects of this survey:

* Far-infrared flux measurements of known protostars and pre-main sequence stars are used to extend their spectral energy distributions, thus providing further constraints on their circumstellar components;

* New far-infrared compact sources (cores) are identified using a multi-wavelength source extraction code (getSources) and a preliminary comparison is made with mm cores to bridge the gap between the mid-infrared and mm wavelength domains;

* A first analysis of the filamentary structure - typical length scales, alignments, - of the cold ISM is presented.