Michele Cignoni


The star formation history of the Small Magellanic Cloud through deep HST/ACS data


A. Cole, M. Tosi, J. Anderson, J.Gallagher, E. Sabbi, E. Grebel, A. Nota



A careful analysis of the color-magnitude diagram is mandatory to derive the detailed star formation history of any resolved composite stellar population. Such a study has been conducted for the Small Magellanic Cloud in several fields using the deepest HST/ACS images ever obtained (Sabbi et al. 2009). These fields sample six regions characterized by different stellar populations and located in different portions of the galaxy (three in the inner region, two in the wing and one in the periphery). A preliminary investigation on the two innermost fields show a modest star forming activity before 6-7 Gyr ago, followed by a prompt rise and subsequent plateau.