Lynn Redding Carlson


Nine HII Regions in the Large Magellanic Cloud: Young Stellar Objects, Star Formation Rates, and the ISM


M. Sewilo, M. Meixner, K. A. Romita, B. Lawton, J. Seale, A. G. G. M. Tielens



We present a detailed examination of nine LMC star-forming regions with diverse environments, sizes, and morphologies.  We identify 1066 Young Stellar Object (YSO) candidates (947 not previously known) and derive star-formation rates for each region via two distinct methods.  We combine Spitzer infrared data from SAGE-LMC (Surveying the Agents of Galaxy Evolution; Meixner et al. 2006), optical photometry from the Magellanic Clouds Photometric Survey (MCPS; Zaritsky et al. 1997), and near-infrared photometry from the InfraRed Survey Facility (IRSF; Kato et al. 2007) to identify and characterize individual YSO candidates.  From these, we derive bottoms-up star formation rates for each region, which we compare to top-down rates estimated from 70-micron flux.  We compare the distribution of YSOs with that of warm and cold ISM components as revealed by Spitzer and Herschel (HERITAGE; PI: Meixner) imaging.  Regions are LHA 120-N 11, N 44, N 51, N 105, N 113, N 120, N 144, N 160! , and N 206.