Ana Duarte Cabral


The kinematics of young protoclusters: B59 vs Serpens Main

Gary Fuller, Nicolas Peretto, Clare Dobbs, Jennifer Hatchell, Antonio Chrysostomou, Brenda Matthews


The gas embedding young protoclusters often holds imprints of the original conditions by which their parent cloud began to form stars. Characterising the physical and dynamical properties of various environments can help to unravel the different mechanisms responsible for star formation episodes.

Here I will present a (sub)mm molecular line study, as part of the JCMT Gould Belt Survey, to look at the dynamics and physical properties of nearby star forming regions. I will give particular attention to Serpens Main and B59, two young protoclusters whose gas emission provides evidence for two very different scenarios: Serpens possibly resulting from the collision of two clouds, whereas B59 is in an extreme quietness perturbed only by its own outflows.

Under the current era of large surveys, similar studies can be extended to a number of star forming regions and help broaden our understanding of clustered star formation, essential to test models and better understand the more massive and distant star-forming sites.