Silvia Martinavarro Armengol


Hi-GAL evolved stars catalog


Bruce Swinyard and Mike Barlow



We present the results achieved so far in the elaboration of a red source catalogue extracted from the Galactic plane SPIRE and PACS images obtained as part of the Hi-GAL project.

We start giving a description of the photometric method used to perform the source and flux extraction to then present the general target list of identified objects from which evolved stars have been selected out using MESS objects as a reference and with the help of a colour-magnitude selection criteria.

The resulting red source catalogue contains the list of Asymptotic Giant Branch (AGB) stars, post-AGB stars, planetary nebulae, and young stellar objects identified in Hi-GAL and has been cross-matched with catalogues from previous surveys covering the Galactic plane to find identifications for the sources.

Finally, we show the angular distribution of the sources in the sky and inspect their location in the search of clusters.